A private spa in your bathroom
A home spa is a great way to relax after a hard day

A private spa in your bathroom

25.03.2016 11:57

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A comfortable water jet bath, a relaxing bath in a whirlpool – such luxuries, until recently, were only associated with wellness centres and exclusive hotel spa zones. Fortunately, you can now successfully arrange a private relaxation area in your own apartment.

Hydrotherapy health and relaxation

The beneficial effects of water on the human body have been known for centuries. Hydrotherapy is a natural method of treating ailments, which in ancient times was used for basic medical treatments. Nowadays, popular water jets and hydromassage are used in sanatoriums, hospitals and wellness centres. Hydrotherapy helps to reduce the orange peel syndrome, accelerates metabolism, relieves a tired spine, relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation. It also has a beneficial effect on the psyche – it helps to relax, eliminate tension, and improve concentration.

With developments in technology, one can afford more modern devices which are used to maintain health, beauty, and wellbeing. What is more – you may now have some of them at home.

Private jacuzzi

A bathtub with a hydromassage function, a shower with water jets – these popular spa attractions can now easily be installed in private bathrooms. A bathtub that can be used as a whirlpool is not different in its dimensions from a standard bathtub – it can be semi-circular, rectangular or square. The difference is in the special nozzles through which air or water are provided at an appropriate rate. Most baths constructed in such a way also have a specially dedicated seat that is conducive to better relaxation.

A bathroom can also be equipped with a special shower with water jets. This form of massage has a perfect effect on tired muscles, reducing tension, and helping to relieve persistent back pain.

A Spa for everyone

Although the charms of water treatment are most often explored by women, their partners and children are also eager to learn about the benefits of hydrotherapy. In the case of women, a water massage has a beneficial impact on the reduction of cellulite and improving skin elasticity. Regular use of hydrotherapy oxygenates the skin, has a positive effect on blood circulation and helps eliminate wrinkles. Water massage is especially recommended for women following pregnancy who dream of regaining an elastic and smooth skin.

For men, hydromassage is also an attractive form of relaxation and rest after a hard day. Water massage effectively eliminates the pain of overstrained muscles, reduces tension, and allows the body and mind to fully regenerate. A home spa can be arranged entirely in your own way – you can light scented candles or install mood lighting, and provide your favourite music. There is no doubt that the spa zone in your own home is the best space for intimate relaxation, allowing you to take care of your physical and mental condition every day.

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