Eight smart uses of petroleum jelly from your make-up bag

Eight smart uses of petroleum jelly from your make-up bag

23.02.2016 10:38

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White petrolatum has long been used in cosmetology for its excellent healing properties. You can use it in many ways: to moisturise your skin, alleviate its irritation and enhance your beauty. Discover why you should always keep a jar of petroleum jelly in your make-up bag and learn how to use it for many purposes.

1. Removing Artificial Eyelashes

Women often use too much glue to attach artificial eyelashes, and removing them is extremely difficult. If this happens to you, use some petroleum jelly. Just apply it to your lashes and pry them in the outer corner of the eye after a few minutes. You will discover that removing artificial eyelashes can be simplicity in itself.

2. Cracked Hills

Each of us happen to struggle with dry, cracked skin on our hills. The skin there is very tough and resistant to different remedies. In order to have smooth and soft feet, apply petroleum jelly generously to the hills and put on socks (only cotton ones.) The following morning they will be soft, well-moisturised and smooth.

3. Natural Peeling

Lightly thick consistency and the hydrating properties make petroleum jelly an excellent base for home-made cosmetics. It works particularly well in natural peelings. Just mix in some sugar or ground coffee, rub it into your skin and leave for a few minutes. Your body will look smooth and soft in a jiffy!

4. Removing Water Resistant Makeup

Removing a water resistant mascara or eyeliner can be extremely difficult, particularly if you don’t have a commercial remover in your makeup bag. But petroleum jelly is really helpful. Dab a cotton swab in it and rub the area around your eyes. Soon there will be no trace of the water resistant makeup!

5. Longer Lasting Perfume

You probably know what it’s like to notice that your favourite perfume completely loses its aroma within just a couple of hours. Every woman would like to wear her fragrance all day long. Fortunately, there is an excellent, natural solution. Just rub some petroleum jelly into the skin on your wrists, neck and behind the ears, and then apply your scent. Its fragrance will be preserved in petroleum jelly and accompany you throughout the day.

6. Even Tan

If you use a sunbed or self-tan products frequently, you are probably familiar with the problem of darker skin on your knees, elbows or ankles. In order to avoid discolouration, apply some petroleum jelly to the problematic areas before using a sunbed. You will enjoy an even tan, and darker spots will disappear.

7. Attractive Hands

Ugly, dry or cracked skin around your nails? Rub some petroleum jelly into your hands before bedtime, and in the morning you’ll discover that the skin is hydrated and soft. Use petroleum jelly also when doing manicure – rub it into the skin around your nails before applying nail polish. If the polish happens to stain the skin, you will be able to remove it easily.

8. Attractive, Moisturised Eyelashes

If you frequently use of an eyelash curler, remove your makeup unskilfully and apply mascara every day, you can weaken your eyelashes or even lose them. In order to regenerate the brittle hairs, put some petroleum jelly on your lashes just before bedtime. They will be stronger, shinier, and the mascara you apply to them will have a deeper colour.

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