Everything you Need to Know About Varicose Veins

Everything you Need to Know About Varicose Veins

05.03.2016 10:52

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The unsightly, enlarged veins resulting from circulation problems are becoming an increasingly common ailment among both men and women. Unfortunately, varicose veins are much more than just a minor blemish. When untreated, they can lead to serious complications, and even to embolism. What are their causes, who is particularly prone to them and how to treat them? Discover all that you should know about varicose veins.

If You Do This, You Are at a High Risk

Varicose veins are largely due to both individual and genetic predispositions. But there are some factors which considerably increase their risk, such as a sedentary lifestyle. Today many people work sitting in front of a computer or behind a desk, and when they return home… they sit in front of their TV. If you have the bad habit of crossing your legs, you obstruct the circulation in your veins. Standing is equally harmful to venous function, therefore people who stand for long periods at work, such as bartenders, hostesses, hairdressers or shop attendants, are particularly prone to varicose veins.

Another factor that contributes to the condition is a very high temperature, so if you like hot showers and sunbath a lot, you may be in a high-risk group. Circulatory problems often occur in persons using sunbeds and in women who regularly wear high hills. Such a footwear diminishes the activity of the calf muscles and may contribute to the early onset of varicose veins.

Better Prevent Than Cure

In order to prevent the unsightly, enlarged veins, try to be more active on everyday basis. One hour of biking, a morning jogging or even more frequent walks are enough to help. Try to take care of your diet, too. Make sure to include as many products rich in fibre and antioxidants as possible. Eat fruits and vegetables frequently.

Vitamins C and P are very effective in preventing varicose veins, as they seal the leaking vessels. Sweet cherries, red and black currants, grapes, tomatoes and peppers are the richest sources. Include them in your diet, and your legs will return the favour by bearing no signs of varicose veins.

Simple Varicose Vein Preventing Habits

Proper diet and exercise are necessary if you want to prevent varicose veins, but it is also good to acquire a few simple vein-protecting habits. First of all, try to maintain a healthy weight, as each additional pound translates to an increased load for your legs. If you sit behind a desk at work, don’t cross your legs and get a special footrest that will help you keep your legs bent at 90⁰ angle.

Whether you spend a lot of your time sitting or standing, try to make simple exercises often. Tiptoe, make circles with your feet, take short walks. Your legs should move constantly. Varicose veins prevention is extremely important, because once they develop, the only way to remove them is surgically.

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