Field Horsetail – a Source of Health and Beauty

Field Horsetail – a Source of Health and Beauty

28.02.2016 10:49

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One of the most valuable plants growing in many parts of Europe, field horsetails are a natural remedy for many common ailments. Like nettles, they have many medicinal properties. Discover them and find out why it is good to include them in your everyday menu.

The Underestimated Power of Field Horsetail

Not everyone knows that this relatively common plant growing wildly in the fields of the northern hemisphere can cure cystitis, hastens wound healing and is responsible for strong nails or hair. Often mistaken for weeds, field horsetails have long been used to prevent and treat many conditions. Not surprisingly, a growing number of pharmaceutical companies and health product manufacturers market products containing field horsetail. Here’s what you should know about the benefits of that plant.

Strong and Beautiful Hair

Field horsetails are a valuable source of silicon, a building block of hair and nails. It is responsible for your skin’s elasticity and tone. Drink a cup of infusion a day to delay skin aging processes and wrinkles. It is recommended to those who have problems with brittle nails and hair. Silicon strengthens your hair, promoting its suppleness and preventing hair loss.

Aids Cystitis and Excessive Sweating Treatments

Due to its diuretic properties, field horsetail plays a very important role in preventing and treating urinary tract conditions, such as cystitis or kidney stones. The plant’s shoots act as a relaxant, alleviating pains accompanying such conditions. This action is due to the high content of flavonoids which increase the urine volume and thus help wash out the excess of bacteria from the urinary tract. Increased urination combats excessive sweating, since toxins are excreted in urine, rather than through the skin.

Remedy for burns, menstrual cramps and ulcers

The versatility of field horsetail is gaining popularity in all the European countries. Doctors recommend its natural infusion to women suffering from heavy and painful periods and cramps. Thanks to its strong relaxing and blood vessel strengthening action, it brings fast relief to women suffering from menstrual cramps.

Moreover, field horsetail infusion improves digestion, contributing to better metabolism, and hastens the healing of wounds and burns. Advocates of home remedies recommend to gargle with it, as it promotes the regeneration of tissues. A treasure trove of health benefits!

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