Home treatments for beautiful hands
Well-groomed hands are a very important attribute of femininity

Home treatments for beautiful hands

06.04.2016 12:16

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Smooth and well-groomed hands are the pride of every woman. A carefully executed manicure can only fully adorn hands which are moisturised, nourished, and smooth. Find out how to get rid of dry cuticles and regenerate the delicate skin of your hands using household methods.

In the past when cosmetic shops were not generally available, cosmetics were produced at home using natural ingredients, according to grandma's recipe. Women did not have the problem of maintaining smooth, well-groomed hands, although they never visited a manicurist or wellness centre. So maybe it is worth trusting the old natural methods and arrange that private spa for your hands at home?

1. Scrubs

Before you proceed with moisturising and nourishing treatments, you should apply a scrub to remove dried skin. After that, every cosmetic applied to the skin will be absorbed rapidly and completely. A hand scrub should be slightly softer than the one you apply for your body. The finer the grains, the better – thick grains could irritate sensitive skin on your hands.

Our suggestion: mix two teaspoons of sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil. A mixture prepared this way should be rubbed into your hands for 2-3 minutes, and then rinsed off. Hand scrub is best applied not more often than once every 2 weeks. It is very important to give your hands time to rest and regenerate – thus you can avoid irritation of the delicate epidermis.

2. Moisturising mask

If you prefer intensively moisturising the skin of your hands, try a compress of paraffin. Dissolve a small piece of paraffin in hot water (immersing it in a pan with heated water). Then, apply an intensively moisturising, nourishing cream to your hands then immerse them in the molten paraffin for a while. Wait until the wax hardens and immerse them again. Put on gloves over the so prepared compress (preferably plastic or cotton ones). After 20 minutes, remove the paraffin and gently wipe your hands with a paper towel. The effect?  The cream is absorbed better under the dissolved paraffin – the skin is soft and moisturised and the wax retained the moisture inside the skin.

3. Potato compress

Cook 2 medium-sized potatoes, then mash them thoroughly and mix with one egg yolk. Add 3 spoons of warm milk and mix the whole into a thick paste. Massage it into your hands, and then wrap your hands with cling film. Wash the compress off after approx. 20 minutes and apply a moisturiser on your hands. The potato compress contains valuable proteins, starches and ingredients with nourishing and smoothing properties. After such a treatment, your hands will be perfectly smooth and moisturised.

4. Revitalising baths

Baths, especially herbal baths, are invaluable in daily hand care. To instantly regenerate your skin, prepare an infusion of 4 tablespoons of marigold flowers. Pour boiling water over them and when the infusion has cooled down, dip your hands in it. Leave your hands in for 10-15 minutes, and finally apply a moisturising cream on them.

Marigold can also be replaced with a flax seed infusion. Just pour water over 2 tablespoons of flax seeds and let it stew for about 5 minutes. When the infusion has cooled down, follow the same steps as for the marigold bath. Flax seeds, in addition to their moisturising properties, soften the skin and accelerate the healing of minor wounds. So it will work perfectly on hands that are cracked during a frosty winter.

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