How to care for dry skin?
Dried skin is tight and prone to irritation

How to care for dry skin?

07.02.2016 12:10

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Dry skin needs special treatment – care should be based primarily on intensive moisturising. If you have dry skin, check out how to properly take care of it so that your skin can be radiant and smooth.

Why is the skin dry?

Dry skin on the face is the result of an insufficient amount of sebum. For this reason, the skin is tight and prone to irritation. When your skin is missing the lipids necessary to maintain proper skin moisture, the protective layer of skin is thin and weak. When the slightest interruption of this delicate barrier occurs, the skin loses moisture immediately.

Fortunately, dry skin is rarely an innate feature – it is usually caused by the harmful effect of UV rays or too cold or too hot air. Another common cause of dry skin is improper care or medication affecting the water balance of the body.

The most common errors in the care of dry skin

Dryness in the skin can be intensified by incorrect treatments. Without knowing the specific needs of dry skin, people often apply so-called exfoliating peelings which are definitely too strong for such a skin type. An equally common mistake conducive to additional drying of the skin is washing your face with soap. It is a detergent that not only removes contamination from the skin, but also the natural sebum that constitutes the skin's barrier. Equally damaging for the skin is rubbing it with a towel after washing it. Instead of mechanically damaging the thin protective layer of dry skin, it is better to gently pat your skin dry with a towel spot by spot to absorb water.

First rule: the less, the better

Dry skin does not tolerate extremely frequent cleansing or body scrubs. For proper care, it is enough to use a micellar solution or a moisturising cream – preferably with a high urea content. Give up additional matting and cleansing cosmetics.

The principle of "the less, the better" in the case of dry skin is also applicable to make-up. Excessive amounts of foundation enhance all the folds of the skin and dry peels (especially on the nose and forehead). For everyday use, it is best to apply a delicate BB cream and if you cannot give up the fluid – apply a very small amount of it and remember: the thinner the layer, the more natural the final result. Avoid using additional layers of make-up over the foundation or powder.

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