Six Deadly Sins of Hair Damage

Six Deadly Sins of Hair Damage

25.02.2016 10:40

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Thin, fragile and brittle hair? You don’t give it a proper care – and the result is its slow growth, as well as excessive loss. Check for the six most common ways we mistreat and damage our hair. Simple changes in your habits will soon let you enjoy a thick, strong mane of hair.

If you’ve noticed that you are losing hair excessively or split ends occur more often, you should consider a change in your haircare and everyday habits. It is good to know what damages hair and what encourages its regeneration. Discover the six most common mistakes which make your hair thin and brittle.

1. Washing in Hot Water

Washing your scalp with water that is too warm opens the hair-shafts. As a result, the hair feels brittle and rough. Indeed, a hot shower stimulates the sebaceous glands, contributing to the bulb damage and excessive hair loss. In order to strengthen your hair, rinse it in cold water to prevent its dehydration.

2. Incorrect Drying

Rubbing your hair dry with a towel after a shower? A big mistake! Wet hair is much more prone to damage than dry hair. When you are rubbing it, you crack, wrench and damage the cuticles. Instead, leave your hair to air-dry, and if this is not  feasible, wrap your wet scalp with soft paper towels.

3. Hair Ironing

We all know only too well that the frequent use of a flat irons, blow dryers or a curling irons can badly damage your hair. The direct action of hot temperatures dries hair out, making it brittle, rough and fragile. Try not to use irons too often, and whenever you need to blow-dry your hair, use the low-heat setting on your drier.

4. Wearing Your Hair up Too Tight

If you often have your hair in a ponytail, the follicles are subjected to a constant strain, which wears them down fast. For that reason try to have your hair down as often as possible. In particular, you should not wear it up when you go to sleep.

5. Harmful Styling and Haircare Products

Every haircare product that you apply to your hair should be carefully selected. If you choose a shampoo or conditioner because of their attractive packaging or aroma, you make a serious mistake. When buying a haircare or hair styling product, check the ingredient list, avoiding, in particular, hair-drying alcohol and harsh detergents. Steer clear of “maximum hold” hair sprays and foams; the promise of an outstanding hold is always associated with a high content of alcohol and glue-like substances which definitely do not promote your hair health.

6. Frequent UV Exposure

UV radiation is harmful not only to your skin, but also to your hair. If you often expose it to UV, it will soon become fragile and dried-out. If possible, avoid sunbeds, and wear a hat on the beach. Keep your hair covered whenever you spend a whole sunny day outside, and apply an intensive hydrating hair mask as soon as you return home.

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