Delicious breakfasts – plan the most important meal of the day
A nutritious breakfast is the energy for the whole busy day

Delicious breakfasts – plan the most important meal of the day

20.03.2016 11:31

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Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day. It stimulates the digestive system after a night of rest, provides energy for action and valuable nutrients. Check out 5 ideas for a tasty breakfast to enjoy your morning meal.

Energy from a wholesome breakfast enables the body to operate at full capacity throughout the morning. It is worth devoting a bit more attention to this meal and provide yourself with a powerful boost of energy and vitamins. Give up the usual sandwiches and try the following recipes – you will certainly find an ideal option for yourself.

Pancakes with fruit

It is understandable that in the morning there is not much time for frying pancakes, so you can prepare them the previous evening. It is enough to reheat ready-made pancakes in the morning and add strawberries, raspberries, cherries or apricots to them (in summer a good option is a mousse from fresh fruit, and out of season you can use jams and preserves). Such a breakfast will provide you with healthy carbohydrates that will allow you to sustain energy for a few hours.

Omelet with spinach

Eggs in any form are perfect for a morning meal. A good variation on scrambled eggs is an omelet that you can prepare in a few minutes. Eating eggs will provide you with well balanced protein, lutein, and vitamins from the A, B, and D groups. You can add spinach that is rich in iron or other vegetables that you like to your omelet. These additional ingredients should be fresh and light, not to overburden a just awakened digestive system.

Oatmeal with fruit

This is perhaps the simplest and the fastest morning meal – you only need oatmeal and milk. You do not need to cook your milk, it is enough to pour it over the oatmeal and leave it for a few minutes to let it soak in. Traditional oatmeal can be enriched with seasonal or dried fruit – raisins or blueberries are perfect for this purpose – or bananas throughout the year.

Cream cheese with pear

Yoghurts available in stores are tasty but dyes and sugars have disadvantage beyond their nutritional value, which is not a good choice (especially for breakfast). You can prepare tasty cottage cheese yourself – use cottage cheese, plain yoghurt or lean cheese. Add a diced pear or other favourite fruit to it. You can sweeten it with honey or cane sugar.

Whole wheat bread with egg and tomato paste

If you prefer sandwiches, use whole grain bread. It will provide you with more fibre and nutrients, and it is less fattening than white bread rolls. Put the previously prepared egg and tomato paste on top: mash 3 hard-boiled eggs finely, add a tablespoon of mayonnaise, chopped tomatoes, chives and your favourite spices.

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