Medicinal Properties of Cranberries

Medicinal Properties of Cranberries

28.02.2016 10:45

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We are all familiar with many health-boosting properties of cranberries. They are widely used for cystitis, colds and flues, and to combat a range of other infections. What else should you know about cranberries and why is it such a good idea to include them in your diet?

The Treasures in Cranberries

Polyanthocyanins, a form of antioxidants, are important chemicals present in the inconspicuous berries. Thanks to them, cranberries have such a strong impact on the functioning of the body. They are also a rich source of fibre, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine and iron. They provide vitamins B, C and E, additionally protecting from a host of conditions due to the high flavonoid content. For that reason cranberries are recommended to persons suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Sadly, not everyone is aware of their medicinal properties, and due to their tart, pungent flavour, we prefer to eat them processed.

Versatile Cranberries

Cranberry juice is an effective remedy for urinary tract infections and an ingredient in many medicines for feminine ailments. It helps settle cystitis and painful periods fast. Moreover, it has antibiotic properties, so it protects against caries and gum disease. What is important, cranberries treat such conditions, rather than relieving their symptoms.

Thanks to their antibacterial and antifungal action, cranberries can be used both to prevent various ailments and to aid their treatment. The berries are invaluable when it comes to reducing high cholesterol, while cutting down the risk of the coronary artery disease or atherosclerosis. Due to their strong detox properties, cranberries are recommended to those who want to lose weight naturally. Concentrated cranberry juice can fight the following conditions:


gum and periodontium conditions by hindering the growth of bacteria in the mouthcystitis and urinary tract infections by reducing E. coli bacteria responsible for inflammation in the urinary tractgastric ulcerscardiovascular disease – by preventing clots and the blocking of vessels.


How to Harness the Beneficial Properties of Cranberries?

The berries can be eaten in many forms. The best medicinal effectiveness has been observed in the case of fresh berries and a highly concentrated juice. Drink cranberry teas and syrup every day, or serve meat dishes with cranberry sauce or preserve. Try to avoid dried cranberries, as they usually contain lots of added sugar to mask their tart flavour. If you buy commercial cranberry products, always check whether cranberries are in fact on the ingredient list. Some producers replace them with beetroot juice or just a cranberry aroma that has none of the healing properties of the berries.

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