Seven astonishing benefits of coffee drinking

Seven astonishing benefits of coffee drinking

20.02.2016 10:37

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There are many common myths and misconceptions about coffee. Its opponents claim that it depletes body of magnesium and is harmful to human health in other ways, while its funs rave about its aroma, flavour and stimulating properties, specially early in the morning. Discover seven amazing benefits of coffee drinking that you’ve probably never heard about.

1. Eases Muscle Aches

If you exercise regularly, you probably have to deal with painful muscle fever quite often. But coffee can effectively counteract the muscle soreness. Researchers have found that drinking a cup of coffee 2-3 times a day may ease the pain by as much as half! Quite a strong action, considering that painkillers relieve the soreness associated with muscle fever only by 20%-25%.

2. Protects Your Liver

Studies show that regular coffee intake protects liver from cancer, hepatitis and fatty liver disease. Interestingly, it also prevents cirrhosis. How is it possible? Coffee reduces the production of enzymes responsible for inflammation and other liver conditions. Three cups of coffee (black!) a day is enough to cut down the risk of those conditions by as much as 70%.

3. Improves Sexual Performance

Your need a healthy circulatory system to enjoy optimal sexual performance. Regular intake of 2-3 cups of coffee a day is beneficial to your heart and vessels, improving your sexual function naturally. And by warding off cardiovascular disorders, it also prevents heart disease and heart attacks.

4. Reduces Stress

Everyone knows that coffee effectively boosts energy. But did you know that – apart from its stimulating effect – coffee lowers your stress level and reduces the risk of depression? On a bad day, when your mood is low, a cup of strong coffee can work miracles!

5. Protects from Sunburn

Astonishing as it sounds, coffee acts as a natural sunscreen. The polyphenols in the coffee beans protect skin cells and accelerate their regeneration. Therefore, consider having a cup of mocha before sunbathing in order to limit the risk of skin discolouring and sunburn.

6. Fends off Cancer

Studies show that just one coffee bean is a source of nearly 1000 various antioxidants. For that reason drinking coffee effectively staves off inflammation and delays ageing processes. The antioxidants in a cup of coffee protect from cell damage and limit the risk of serious cancers.

7. Supports Losing Weight

There is a sound reason why most of the slimming supplements contain caffeine. Many researches have proved that drinking coffee regularly may boost the metabolism by as much as 25%. Optimal metabolism is a first step in your slimming efforts, so if are trying to lose weight, try to drink 2-3 cups of black coffee a day (no sugar!) You will soon notice excellent results.

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