Things you should not eat before going to bed
To reduce the risk of sleeping difficulties, choose easily digested products for dinner

Things you should not eat before going to bed

19.03.2016 11:28

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Sleeping badly? Cannot lose weight? Or maybe you are struggling with heartburn and stomach pain in the morning? Your dinner probably contains dishes that should not be eaten before bedtime. Find out what you should avoid on your plate in the evening.

A sumptuous dinner just before bedtime is not conducive to staying healthy and having a slim figure. If you absolutely must eat something within 3 hours of bedtime, try to choose foods that are easy to digest and will not overburden your metabolism. We have prepared a list of products that are better avoided late in the evening.

Red meat

Red meat, as an excellent source of protein and iron, is a great option for lunch. However, it will not work in the evening because it is extremely difficult to digest. When you sleep, your metabolism slows down and your body may have problems digesting a steak or fried pork neck thoroughly.  In addition, this can cause problems with falling asleep, resulting in stomach pains and heaviness.


Too much alcohol just before bedtime can make it troublesome to fall asleep and can prevent you from sleeping peacefully all night. Apart from the aspects related to the possibility of poisoning and nausea, you should know that alcohol loosens the sphincter connecting the stomach and the oesophagus. It may allow food to passively reflux when you are in the lying position, and as a result you will experience a persistent burning sensation in the throat and heartburn.

Sweet foods

Simple carbohydrates are not the best idea for dinner. Speaking of sweets, we mean primarily chocolate and all products based on it (candies, cakes, ice cream, etc.). This includes, amongst others, caffeine and theobromine – both of these substances are responsible for hindering both sleep and body relaxation. In addition, your body will not manage to fully digest the sweets before bedtime, so they will build up in the form of unnecessary fat tissue.

Dairy products

Cheeses and creams rich in calories are one of the biggest sins during a late dinner. It is necessary to avoid hard cheeses, such as parmesan cheese, as well as soft types (feta cheese, mozzarella cheese). While fatty sour cream eaten just before bedtime can cause stomach upset and even diarrhoea.


All fatty foods and snacks (regardless of whether we are dealing with processed fats or not) are not recommended in the evening. Walnuts, peanuts and cashews are a rich source of unsaturated fats, which greatly hinder the digestion of food. If you absolutely want to get something to eat, choose pistachios or almonds.

Lemons, oranges, tangerines

Research shows that eating citrus fruits just before bedtime is not conducive to sinking into the deep sleep phase, and additionally may result in a strong heartburn the following day. Avoid tangerines, orange juice, and lemonade. To satisfy the evening cravings for fruit, choose for example bananas – they will help you fall asleep owing to the high potassium content.

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