6 benefits of in-line skating
In-line skating will help you relax and slim your silhouette

6 benefits of in-line skating

15.03.2016 11:20

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In practising in-line skating, you do more for your body and soul than you can expect. It ranks as one of the healthiest sports - it strengthens the immune system, accelerates weight loss and improves coordination of movement. Check out what else you can gain by combining pleasant entertainment with this useful sport.

In-line skating has much more than just health benefits. Relaxation, unwinding in the fresh air, spending active time with friends – the advantages of this sport are endless. But let us focus on the major, tangible benefits. Exploring the most important benefits of in-line skating, you will see that it is a great sport for everyone (regardless of their age, gender, and current fitness). What is important – in the winter you can replace the roller skates with ice skates – the effect will be almost identical. We present 6 reasons why you should start practicing in-line skating today.

1. Accelerated weight loss

In-line skating can help you burn up to 750 calories per hour. The final result depends mainly on the intensity and speed of movement. Regardless of that, the effectiveness of in-line skating is compared to daily jogging. Going for a one-hour skate regularly 2-3 times a week, you can count on a rapid loss of excess weight. It is important to keep your exercise during training more or less at the same level. You should feel fatigue, but have the strength and will to continue skating.

2. It shapes your legs and buttocks

In-line skating improves your motor coordination – the work involves many muscles at the same time, especially the quadriceps of the thighs and buttocks. That is precisely why in-line skating is especially recommended to women who want to slim down their legs, get rid of cellulite and firm their buttocks. Besides modelling your legs, in-line skating forces you to maintain a correct posture, thus strengthening the abdominal muscles and spine.

3. It does not burden the bones and joints

Comparing in-line skating to jogging, you can definitely say that in-line skating puts a lot less strain on the joints, and thus is much less conducive to injuries. During a skate you perform continuous, smooth movements (not as forceful as during jogging) – Your knees and spine are therefore not so prone to sustain sudden shocks or overload.

4. It oxygenates the blood and improves your fitness

In-line skating is a sport from the group of aerobic workouts. This means that balanced, long-term effort results in a better blood circulation and beneficial effect on the heart. As a result, the body is better oxygenated, and thanks to the effective work of the circulatory system, your fitness is steadily improving. With time, you get tired less and less, because your energy level is much higher.

5. It lowers the level of stress and brings relaxation

After a hard stressful day, in-line skating may be a great way of relieving tension and effectively improving your mood. Regardless of whether you decide on a leisurely skate or one more high-performance, physical activity in the fresh air and a better oxygenation of your body quickly triggers the happiness hormones in your brain. A pleasant ride is a benefit to your health, well-being and body.

6. Improves physical coordination

While skating, you are forced to maintain a proper posture. Balancing on unstable roller skates makes your muscles cooperate with one another. After some time, it will be much easier for you to maintain balance, because your motor coordination will have developed.

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