Enhance your Fitness without Strenuous Workouts

Enhance your Fitness without Strenuous Workouts

05.03.2016 10:53

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You want to be more fit, but you don’t have time or willingness to spend hours in a gym? Although not everyone is an avid athlete, there are ways to improve your fitness without overexertion. The key to your success is to exercises regularly and have a well-considered workout plan.

Although we live busy lives, we do not exercise much. We spend most of the time sitting at work, eat junk food for comfort, lack time to go to a gym… a growing number of us is joining the ranks of the “lazy generation.” Not surprisingly, one in every three persons complains of being physically unfit. Luckily, there are ways to increase your physical activity with only a little effort, thanks to which you will improve your health and fitness promptly and easily. Here’s how.

Begin With Small Changes...

If you are not a big fun of sports, we are not going to persuade you to jog or take an intensive workout at a gym every day. In order to enhance your fitness, it is enough to make a few changes in our everyday habits influenced by today’s comfortable world. How often do you take a lift instead of climbing steps to the 4th floor? Stop using lifts and see how your shortness of breath easies every day. Taking a few hundred steps a day is an excellent introduction to exercising. Use your own legs as often as possible: walking to your office, to the local shop, to a meeting with friends.

… And Then Take Another Step

After 10-12 days of increased physical activity in moving around, it is time for your next step. Walking makes the best form of exercise, even if it is just a 30-minute stroll (not less, though.) Gradually increase your speed, until you walk briskly. This is a sufficient doze of exercise for some people, helping them maintain good fitness. However, if you want to shed a few unwanted pounds, add bicycle rides or easy aerobic exercises to your routine.

Aerobic Exercises – Whom For and Why

Aerobic training includes non-strenuous but prolonged workout that provides your muscles with energy due to increased metabolism. You can decide about the intensity of the workout, depending on your current situation and preferences. As a result, you will exercise without feeling too tired, while the prolonged time and regularity promote better use of calories and improved fitness. Remember that at the beginning of each workout your body uses the most readily sources of energy first, so it starts burning fat only after about 20 minutes of exercise. For that reason your workout should be reasonably long (about 30-40 minutes,) rather than strenuous. But remember that when it comes to aerobic exercises, regularity is of a key importance.

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