Exercises for a flat stomach
Regular exercise will keep your stomach perfectly flat

Exercises for a flat stomach

09.03.2016 11:13

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A tummy tyre does not give any of us beauty or confidence. The dream of a flat stomach without love handles can be achieved in several days, provided that you put a lot of effort into exercising. Try 4 reliable exercises that quickly burn off excess fat from around the waist.

The abdomen is a specific part of the body where fat burning takes place very slowly and labour intensively. However, if you consciously plan to workout, you have the chance to effectively lose that unnecessary tummy tyre. The first effects of exercising should be observed after 2 weeks, but of course in such a short time it is not possible to obtain a very flat stomach. Expecting a “six-pack”, you should also devote more time to exercising.

For starters you should know that even performing a few hundred crunches a day is not the best way to a flat stomach. Especially at the beginning. There are more effective exercises that help burn fat faster from the critical abdominal area. Following the schedule of exercises presented below, you will first of all strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve the firmness of your skin. At this stage, there is also intensive fat burning (for this reason you may feel some pain, but it's very good!).

Each of the following exercises should be preceded with a decent warm-up, lasting at least 10 minutes to prepare your muscles for the effort. Remember that the most important thing is to exercise systematically. Prepare a mat, a towel and a water bottle and... get down to it! 

1. Vertical scissors

Lie on your back. Your hands should rest loosely at your sides. Slowly lift your shoulders from the floor, and perform the dynamic movements of vertical scissors with your legs. Please note that the highest point to which your leg is lifted should form an angle of 45o with the floor. The lowest point should be about 4 cm above the ground. It is best to do 35 repetitions each in 3 series.

2. Bent-over twists

Lie flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head. Bend your torso upward, moving your right shoulder to your left knee raised slightly to yourself. And conversely - bend your torso moving the left shoulder close to the right knee. Do 30 repetitions interchangeably, preferably in 3 series.

3. Plank

Lay down on the floor in a position resembling the position for push-ups. Spread your hands at arms width, and feet at the shoulder width. Pull your stomach in. Hold this position for 60 seconds – it can be painful but is is worth it! Rest for 15 seconds and do the exercise again. A series consists of 3 repetitions.

4. Lifting

Lie on your back. Hands should lie directly behind your head. This exercise involves the simultaneous lifting of the arms and legs in such a way that you touch the feet with your hands. Remember to immobilise your elbows and knees. Hold this position for at least 5–7 seconds. Try to do 15 repetitions.

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