Move it! Let's choose the best sport for winter
Snow-covered slopes are the playing field for all lovers of winter sports

Move it! Let's choose the best sport for winter

29.01.2016 11:32

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The end of summer does not mean the end of caring for your health and slim figure. You can dust off your skis and snowboard, and replace roller skates with ice skates. Your body will reward you with an attractive appearance and well-being. Read our guide and choose a favourite sport for yourself for the upcoming cold days.

During the winter, physical activity for most of the population is limited to walking from home to work and back. Unnecessarily though! Feel free to use the wintry weather to organise active trips to the mountains and stay sporty in the winter months, even if you limit it to just the gym. No matter what form of activity you choose, you can overtake the autumn blues, improve your fitness, warm up, and improve that well-being. So... get to work!

For the sedentary

You lack energy and don't want to exercise? Begin by walking. This is the easiest way to get your bones moving and to get some fresh air, and it requires virtually no effort. Rather than commuting to work by bus, go one stop on foot. Going with your dog out for a walk takes more than 10 minutes. Then you can start jogging. Start with a gradual increase in activity. Especially that this kind of activity is a pleasure in itself. Do not look for excuses in the low temperatures – the right approach and some warm clothing is half the battle, and the movement will not allow you to freeze.

For the resistant

Walking is not quite enough for you, but don't like to get fatigued? Nobody is telling you to arrange some mountain climbing immediately. Just jump on the bike, or put on skates. Arrange a bike tour for yourself, and hide a warming tea in a thermos. You will spend time in the crisp air, and at the same time you will burn a lot of calories. An hour of cycling can burn up to 500 calories, depending on the pace and path chosen. Whereas, one hour of skating can burn up to 350 calories. For 'moderate' athletes, any team games possible to practice in rooms and halls will be suitable. Volleyball, basketball, and maybe ice hockey?

For the ambitious

If you waited the whole summer to put on your skis, you probably have a reserve of considerable amounts of energy. A walk or riding a bike will not exploit this energy, so try something else. Climbing, skiing, and maybe snowboarding this time? Winter ski slopes, scenic areas, difficult routes, adrenaline and adventure – this is what real athletes like the most. If you want to get tired a lot, but the snow is not necessarily your ally, throughout the year you can also swim in an indoor pool. This guarantees the loss of even 550 calories in an hour!

There are so many possibilities to move it in winter. So many ways to adjust the physical activity to your preferences and fitness. We hope you will choose something for yourself and spend the coming months actively. One thing is certain – during autumn and winter days it is not worth sitting at home!

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