All about testosterone
A high level of testosterone is a guarantee of strength and masculinity

All about testosterone

20.03.2016 11:29

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Sex drive, strength and masculinity - testosterone is the diesel fuel for men, so it is important to maintain a high level at all ages. It is responsible for your libido, physical strength and sexual performance, generating your most masculine characteristics. Find out what you need to know the most about the male hormone.

The male sex hormone belongs to the group of androgens, produced mainly in the testicles – the hero of this text – testosterone. It begins to be produced during adolescence, when it is mainly responsible for the development of sexual organs. Then it plays an important role in the sexual life, it helps build muscle tissue and is responsible for the most masculine features of character and appearance. Testosterone levels decline with age, but there are ways to effectively increase them (within the limits of physical health and sanity).

Testosterone in bed

Shaping sexual characteristics is one of the most important functions of testosterone. It takes part in the production of sperm, therefore, to a large extent it is this hormone that determines male sexual performance and fertility. Testosterone deficiency causes erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and spontaneous erections. One could say that a body with a testosterone deficiency becomes more ... feminine. No wonder men have been trying to keep testosterone levels at a very high level for centuries. The more male "drive" hormone, the more satisfying the sex life – longer endurance, stronger erections, and a more powerful experience in bed.

Testosterone in the gym

The impact of testosterone on the development of muscle tissue is justified biologically. This hormone is involved in protein synthesis, stops phosphorus and potassium in the body, and also has an effect on bone density. High levels of testosterone can quickly build muscle mass, what is more – it provides a man with the strength and energy necessary for aerobic training. On the market there are many supplements whose goal it is to increase the level of natural testosterone – it is necessary to be careful with such substances, however. Too rapid an increase in hormone levels above maximum physiological values can be hazardous to health. Not without reason, the administration of testosterone to athletes is considered to be illegal doping.

Testosterone in the mirror

Masculinity is not only the features suitable for the male character – testosterone also determines the typically masculine appearance. High levels of this hormone affect the hair and the occurrence of beard hair. In contrast, testosterone deficiency in this field results in, among others, the appearance of the "male breasts" or deposition of fat on the hips and abdomen. On the other hand, decreased bone density may even lead to osteoporosis and spinal diseases.

To naturally increase the level of testosterone, consider having omega-3 and zinc in your diet. For this purpose, eat fish, nuts, eggs, and dairy products. Try to get enough sleep, lead an active lifestyle and avoid stress – a decline in testosterone is inevitable, but you can postpone and effectively maintain its effects, to remain masculine longer!

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