Recognise the Source of Pain – 5 Causes of a Stomach Ache

Recognise the Source of Pain – 5 Causes of a Stomach Ache

06.03.2016 10:55

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A stomach ache may indicate a common food poisoning or overeating, but it can be also a symptom of a more serious condition. Depending on the type of pain, it is possible to identify its cause. Find out what the source of your problem is and how to treat it.

A stomach ache can be a dangerous sign when accompanied by other symptoms, such as vomiting or fever. If it is strong enough to interfere with your everyday life, it is best to see a doctor.

Symptoms: Stomach cramps, nausea, increased temperature, general malaise, diarrhoea

DIAGNOSIS: Stomach flu, food poisoning Stomach cramps accompanied by nausea and frequent visits to the toilet can be a sign of a food poisoning or the stomach flu virus. It is very important to keep your body well hydrated, so drink lots of still mineral water. Avoid further irritation of your stomach by eating only easily digestible foods, such as broth, rice and toasts. Make sure you rest a lot and sleep as long as you need. In the event the typical food poisoning symptoms are accompanied by blurred speech and double vision, call a doctor immediately. These could be the symptoms of botulism, a potentially fatal illness.

Symptoms: Very strong, sharp pain in the middle part of abdomen, often radiating to your back, gas, vomiting.

DIAGNOSIS: Biliary colic attack

In the case of strong cramps that radiate to the sides or the back and usually occur at night, you should see your doctor immediately. Don’t eat or drink anything until you have been examined.

Symptoms: Pain in the upper right side of the abdomen, increasing every day, fatigue, high fever, vomiting, yellowish whites of the eyes, dark urine colour.

DIAGNOSIS: Hepatitis, pancreatic cancer

If you’ve notices the symptoms listed above, go to a hospital immediately. Pancreatic cancer and hepatitis are extremely serious conditions and require an immediate medical help.

Symptoms: Strong pain in the lower back, pain in the groin or abdomen, frequent and painful urination, dark, bloody urine. Nausea, vomiting, intensive sweating.

DIAGNOSIS: Kidney stone attack

If you suspect a kidney stone attack, take a strong painkiller to ease the pain. However, stay clear of aspirin. Drink lots of still mineral water to ease the passing of the stones. Visit a specialist as soon as you can.

Symptoms: Painful cramps, bloating and gas, rumbling stomach occurring soon after drinking milk DIAGNOSIS: Lactose intolerance

If the symptoms appear only soon after drinking milk, it is almost obvious that you suffer from lactose intolerance. Stay clear of cow’s milk and its products. Replace them with soya milk, kefir or natural yoghurt. You can also take lactase supplements. Lactose intolerance does not require a prompt doctor’s consultation.

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