7 simple methods to help you fight stress
We are exposed to stressful situations every day

7 simple methods to help you fight stress

09.03.2016 11:14

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A hard day at work, an argument with a loved one, an enormous amount of responsibilities or financial problems – each of us faces stress and nervous situations every day. To get rid of negative emotions, is often enough to turn up the volume when playing your favourite music or cuddle up to a loved one. Explore these proven ways to quickly reduce excessive stress.

1. A kiss

Physical closeness reduces the level of cortisol (a hormone responsible for stress) – which is why a hug or a kiss from your loved one relieves tension and helps you relax. Closeness balances and stabilizes blood pressure, and the pleasant feelings associated with bodily contact instantly reduce stress levels.

2. Yoga

Called training of the body and the soul, yoga can effectively relieve stress, refresh your mind and relax your tense body. During exercise, you will control your breathing, focusing on meditation and tranquillity. It has been proven that relaxing yoga effectively lowers blood pressure, improves your mood and reduces the levels of cortisol.

3. Chocolate

The beneficial effect of chocolate on improving the mood is not a myth. The best is bitter dark chocolate as it has the highest amounts of cocoa in its composition. Researchers argue that consuming 2 cubes of chocolate every day are enough to notice a significant decrease in stress hormones for 10 days. The prophylactic eating of dark chocolate can thus act as an effective (and fun) barrier to protects us from tarnishing the nerves.

4. Sleep

Too little sleep is conducive to nervous reactions and a clear deterioration of well-being. So it may be that excessive stress is just caused by not enough quality sleep. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. If you feel fatigue and irritability during the day, do not worry, take a short nap. It has been proven that 15 minutes of sleep can improve your mood, have a positive effect on the vascular system, and regulate blood pressure.

5. Laughter

This may sound prosaic, but sincere laughter can really work wonders. It not only reduces stress but also strengthens the body immunity, improves respiratory function, and improves concentration. If you have had a bad day, watch a good comedy or cabaret sketch. You will instantly get rid of those negative thoughts and the stress will be cast into oblivion.

6. Music

The use of music to reduce stress is known as music therapy, which has been helping people get rid of neuroses and mitigate the effects of emotional tension. Music is also invaluable in reducing blood pressure and treating a variety of pains. Studies show that gentle sounds slow down the heart, helping to calm down and soothe the nerves. You can also listen to fast dynamic music, or even dance to it – the movement will trigger the production of happiness hormones, and you will forget about the stressful day.

7. Playing with your pet

Contact with a four-legged friend has only advantages. Just look at the phenomenon of dog therapy, through which is possible to treat anxiety and depression in people suffering from physical and mental disorders. Studies prove that the mere company of an animal increases the production of oxytocin, which in turn helps to soothe and calm. A sense of caring for a pet builds a positive image of ourselves in our own eyes, and cuddling the fluffy friend reliably improves our mood.

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