How to combat pathological shyness?
Paralysing shyness makes everyday life very difficult

How to combat pathological shyness?

01.04.2016 12:07

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Uncontrollable shyness is a condition that can cause substantial harm in the life of those affected. It makes it difficult to establish new relationships, prevents expressing an opinion and lowers self-esteem. Is is necessary to counteract it to start living a full life and no longer be ashamed of every step.

The fear of everyday life

Pathological shyness is something more than a blush and an excuse: „I am ashamed.” Under the guise of embarrassment there is in fact a serious disorder that prevents the affected person from making friends, building relationships, and bonds with other people, interferes expressing their opinions and destroys self-esteem. Fear of taking challenges when even buying butter at a store is a challenge. Why is shyness such is a serious disorder? Shy people cannot fight for themselves, cannot prove their point. They often resign from achieving their dreams, not to expose themselves to shame and embarrassment. They do not establish new relationships, they also have difficulty in maintaining those bonds that already exist. Every word, every movement, and behaviour is associated for them with the fear of ridicule and being assessed by other people. Studies show that almost 78% of people admitted to shyness at a young age, which had passed with time. Still about 14% of the people in Poland suffer from pathological shyness.

How to combat shyness?

The amount of serotonin secreted by the body is of great importance in overcoming the daily amount of anxiety. This is the same hormone that improves our mood, is secreted after having sex or eating chocolate, relieves tension and is helpful in fighting depression. So if you want to defeat pathological shyness, the first step is to influence an increase in the level of serotonin. To do so, you can use a ready-made preparation – psychologists confirm that tablets increasing the level of serotonin do help shy patients, e.g. to talk to a stranger in the street. However, remember not to treat this as a universal courage pill. It is intended as a means to an end and not a ready-made solution.

You are your best therapist

To gradually overcome the barrier of shyness, try to introduce the method of small steps into your life. Every day, do one thing that brings you closer to getting rid of the eternal feeling of embarrassment. To make it easier, openly admit that you suffer from crippling shyness – admit it to others, and also to yourself. Such a declaration will certainly bring you relief and you will not have to pretend anything. Start with small things - ask a passer-by for the time, ask for the name of the dog which approached you during a walk in the park. When you are in a group of people, try to interject at least one statement into the conversation. Speak calmly and slowly. These are the first steps that can help you overcome the biggest fears. The further you go in,  the easier it may get than you think now.

You should find yourself a hobby – something engaging in which you can specialise. Having a hobby will increase your self-esteem and make you feel more confident in the company of other people.

Why should you overcome shyness?

Combating pathological shyness not only facilitates daily functioning, but also has a positive impact on the health of the body. It has been confirmed that the constant discomfort and anxiety strain the nerves badly, ruining immunity, and even contributing to a faster death! What is more – pathological shyness can transform into an extreme variety over time – the neophobia. Then the affected person needs to struggle with a panicky fear of contact with other people. It is a phobia which leads a person to depression and neurosis, totally paralysing the social life of the affected.

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